Photo Blogs: Past and Future

In my blogs regarding photos, what’s in store for 2012? As mentioned in an earlier post, my photography strengths are not related to cameras, computer photo programs and other technological concerns. Nor am I likely to write in detail about the art of photography even though I love discovering and studying great photos. However, I do have some knowledge about what makes a publishable photo and what you should think about in order to achieve reasonable quality for the published image. So, I’ll consider those topics, especially in the context of using photos to augment text or enhance publications. Also, some photos work as a means of conveying our history. As a result, I’ll discuss how we can “see” our history through photos.  And at some point, I’ll note photo sources and issues related to acquiring and publishing images. Since photo can also inspire writing, there is yet another possible topic.

In fact, I might feature a particular theme throughout a specific month. That theme could be based on a topic of international interest, such as International Women’s Day, or on a topic particularly relevant to you, as readers, or to me during the year.

As co-author of this book, I was pleased it included both colour and black and white photos as illustrations.

Many of the photos will be black and white ones from earlier times, but some will be contemporary. And sometimes my photo blog could even cover an event, which I believe will inspire photo buffs.

In studying my statistics, I found it interesting that the blog with the best hit rate last year was the one in which I talked about glass negatives. What does that tell me? There are many of us interested in the history of photography! Also, perhaps others own glass negatives and wonder how to have them “developed.” So, I will write more about such early photographic technology.

Whatever my text, I plan to post more actual photographs. Over the last month or two, for various reasons, I did not post many photos. To some extent, that related to understanding and protecting copyright, and that, too, is an important future topic. But, my intention is to keep the text in the photo blogs even shorter than my target of 400 words for other posts. And that’s today’s 368 words.

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