My Books

Writing each of the following books has been both a joy and a challenge. For each one, what a learning experience–and what I learned about writing, photos and history was always different.

Eventually, each week, I’ll feature one of the books, but for more information about them, see my website Go to Publications on my website to order  one or more, or check there for Publisher and ISBN. Then request them at your online or local bookstore. Books ordered through my website will be autographed at your request. 

  • Canada’s Rocky Mountains (2010)
  • Alberta: A History in Photographs (2009/1996)
  • Alberta: 100 Journeys (2007)
  • Prairie Twins: Alberta & Saskatchewan Photographic Memories  (2004)
  • Awed, Amused & Alarmed: Fairs, Rodeos, Regattas in Western Canada (2000)
  •  Sharing the Good Times: Prairie Women’s Joys & Pleasures (2000)
  • Homemade Fun:Games & Pastimes of the Early Prairie (1999)
  • Monarchs of the Fields, (1999)
  • Threshing: Early Years of Harvesting (1999)
  • Out of the Flames: Fires & Fire Fighting on the Canadian Prairies (1998)
  • Ice Fog (Poetry Chapbook, 1991).
  • Settling In (1999)  await reprints
  • Help (1997) await reprints

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