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When Words Matter

You still might have time to attend When Words Collide in Calgary. For the August 14-16 writers’ conference, registering early was important. In fact, if you email now, you will be put on the waiting list! But at least you have a chance of attending.

Wordfest celebrations do have presentations for writers, but this conference is truly a great one for writers or those who dream of writing. As well, given the range of topics and the expertise, what phenomenal value for your money!

Having participated previously, I remember the countless presentations and panels on the art, craft and business of writing. Whether you have published or are still hoping to publish, the weekend offers something for everyone regardless of expertise and genre. If you want the scoop on events and presenters, just check out the program on the website: http://www.whenwordscollide.org.

There are so many great panels and presentations, but I will be on the following panels with these other fine presenters:

Editing Tricks Faye Holt, Ella Beaumont, Nowick Gray, Arlene F. Marks, Barb Galler-Smith (M) Catching your own goofs before you send your manuscript to your beta reader, or worse, Amazon. Developmental, structural, copyediting or proofreading: Do you need an editor before you self publish? What kind? Or have you been burned: I’m not going to let an editor touch my words!

To Blog or Not to Blog: Answer This Question Faye Holt, Maraya Loza Koxahn, Ella Beaumont, Ryan McFadden Should writers spend their little time writing their book or splitting it with a consistent blog. Panellists discuss benefits and best practices to hosting a blog.

Memoir or Autobiography?  Brian Brennan, Faye Holt, Vivian Hansen, Maraya Loza Koxahn Should your memoir start with your birth? Or is that your mother’s story? Memoir focuses on a significant event or series of events that illustrate a concept. Or do they? Panellists discuss what to include and what to leave out of memoir: the line between memoir and autobiography.

If you have registered, check the schedule for dates and times. Hope to see you there.

When Words Collide

If you love writing and are able to be in Calgary from August 12-14, the multi-genre writing conference “When Words Collide: A Festival for Readers and Writers” might be for you. The conference promises to be different and exciting because of the diverse writers, publishers and writing organizations that it will bring together. Organizations include: Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society, Mystery Writers Ink Society, Writers Guild of Alberta, Society of Children’s Writers & Illustrators, Calgary Romance Writers of America, Imaginative Fiction Writers Association, and Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association. As well, Mount Royal University, University of Calgary and librarians will be represented. Still in development, the program already includes panels and sessions featuring publishers, authors of short and long works, and devotees to fiction and nonfiction for adults and children. Even thematically, panel topics are far-ranging as writing history, mountain, science and medical themes.

I have long believed in the value of bringing together diverse writers whose knowledge encompasses vastly different topics and writing styles. As well, to me, every individual–whether adult or child, whether working on literacy skills or a graduate degree–deserves good writing. So, I congratulate the planning committee for staging this unique conference.

 With a proposed 130 hours of programming, options and opportunities abound. On the website, www.whenwordscollide.org find information on registering and a tentative schedule. Also posted is a list of confirmed speakers and their bios. I am on two panels with themes of importance to me. At 2:00 pm on Saturday, my colleagues and I will be discussing “Writing Groups: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.” The next day, at 10:00 am, I’m on a panel called, “It’s About the Writing,” which will address the difficult topic of whether or not we can make a living at writing.

The conference location is the Best Western Village Park Inn, Calgary, and festivities begin Friday night with two 6:00 pm sessions, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo—What’s Next” and “There are More of Us Than You Think.” Then, at 7:00 pm, enjoy the keynote address. The following morning, at 9:00 am, the day begins with “Blurring the Boundaries,” the theme of the conference. For the next two days, there are so many fascinating sessions planned, you really need to study the program schedule well in advance to discover sessions most relevant to you.

What a great event to have in Calgary. So, thanks to all the participating organizations, individual volunteers and funders. Hope to see you there!

Launched into the Blogosphere

Welcome to my first blog! Who would believe it, I’ve been on word processors and working with writing and Western Canadian history for decades, but setting up the blog is one of the toughest writing-related tasks I have faced. Admittedly, I’m the lifelong learner type, but there are just so many new things to learn.

Undoubtedly, much will change about this site over the next months. For now, I see myself posting once a week,  on Mondays. Given my own diverse interests, I plan to dedicate each week of the month to different but related topics. I love writing, and I know many of you are writing or want to write. So the first week of the month will explore our passion for words.

The second week will be all about our stories—that is those rooted in our history. I anticipate topics such as our shared and diverse experiences, groups dedicated to preserving our past or helping us understand it, and up-coming events.

For those who love writing, history and geography, photos can be a window into other times and worlds. So, the third week is set aside for the wonders of old and new photos, what we can gather from them and what we might do with those hidden away in cupboards and closets. Of course, knowing the museums, archives and collectors to contact when we have a history-related project in mind is an important part of the networking, too. 

Then, as a teacher, I’ll make the last week about learning options for people of all ages.  And if the month ends with a partial week, well, who knows what I might creep into my blog! So, join me, and together we will continue learning about words and history, photos and learning itself.

With the blog, what might change? Certainly,  as I learn more, I may have major revisions in format or approach–or perhaps I’ve planned adequately for the future. The only way for you to know is to follow me in the journey through this new landscape.