About Walt





Walt Holt is not only my husband and partner in life and work, he is a fine contemporary photographer. Admittedly, you are not seeing a self portrait. I captured the moment, and I like the photo, perhaps because of the sense of mystery about it. Who is this man? What does he think? What does he care about? Of course, I can answer countless questions about him.

The hat? Well, it too has a story–but maybe another time.  His other hats? Like countless other enthusiasts and devotees to the game, most are golf hats.

With retirement, he has developed many interests, and golf is certainly one, but he has also taken up photography. He was always taking pictures, but now he has some very unusual and outstanding ones, many of them framed and hanging on our walls.  Personally, I’m about enjoying the art and artists within our own families as well as the work of other artists!

In his past life, he took a degree in commerce, one in secondary education and then a masters in education. So, he was a high school social studies teacher and department head before becoming an assistant principal and then a principal in the high school system. As much as he liked those jobs, when he left, he was ready for new thing including golf, photography and travel. So, when I’m writing photo blogs, sometimes he will be my expert and sometimes I’ll feature his photos. Whatever I feature, I’m thankful for his support and our life together.